I’m wearing short, striped skirt, which, after some time of having it resting in my wardrobe, came into use again! I bought it in a local boutique a long time ago and I was wearing it very often during holidays. I added Guns’n’Roses t-shirt which I got from my auntie's secondhand store. The colour of the print fits perfectly with chain necklace's colour. The third thing I'm wearing is a furry cardigan which is veeery soft and warm.  To get the complete look I added black, cute lace socks to leather creepers!

T-shirt Secondhand/ Cardigan Secondhand/ Skirt Old/ Necklace Cropp/ Socks Cropp/ Creepers Sequinshoes

2 komentarze:

  1. Pisałam to już na lookbooku, ale powtórzę to również tutaj: genialna koszulka! :)
    Gunsów po prostu uwielbiam więc nie było innej opcji, Twoja stylizacja musiała mi się spodobać! :)